Falcon Heavy Launch stream Upd.: 6:35 p.m. EDT Apr.11 (real space stuff)


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Feb 22, 2016
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View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TXMGu2d8c8g&feature=youtu.be

You can catch the latest shenanigans from SpaceX at the link above, as they launch their most powerful rocket yet, but this time it's not just for kicks!

It's carrying a proper big ass satellite this time called Arabsat 6A, which will supply telecom (phone, internet..) for the Middle-East, Europe and Africa.
Just like last time, the two side boosters will try to land on the ground, while the middle booster will try to land on the ship at sea. The middle one will be coming in even faster than last time, so there is a high likelyhood of a Test Squadron style landing, involving "rapid disassembly" and showers of molten steel.

Currently aiming for launch after 8pm EDT due to wind conditions.

Update: launch was moved to Apr. 11 6:35pm EDT ( Apr.12 3:35 AM CEST)
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