Fallout 76 (with private servers)


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Mar 4, 2019
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So they recently released a new expansion with FO76 and it's surprisingly good. The world is filled with NPC's and it feels alive and new. There is new questlines, new factions and alot of various things have been revamped to feel very good.
The reviews on the new expansion and change to the game have been very good and alot of streamers and various folks have said they actually enjoy the game.

There is one glowing and bad issue about all the changes that many may overlook though. Storyline quests can be completed as a group but only the one who initiated the quest or party leader can get credit for the quest initially, then everyone else has to do the quest solo to get credit or just rinse and repeat what you did at the start. That part is bad yes and will most likely get fixed.

I myself got burned pretty bad like many by the game but after seeing so much change and so many good points said about it I figured it was worth trying.

I have a private server (if you subscribe you get an 8 person private server for friends) because I wanted to sit back and enjoy the game in peace and allow others to do the same. Printimus and myself started on it last night and it was his first time playing and he loved it. If any are interested in playing on the private server just message me here or on discord and I can add you to friends list.

TLDR: Private servers are tied to players with subscriptions, if there is only one person on the private server with a subscription the private side of it will convert anyone else to public servers when the owner logs. You can have multiple people with subscriptions on the private server and that way the server could run until there was no sub owners online as well. I have a friend who is subbing today so the servers will be running most of the day and night
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Oct 21, 2016
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I never played it at launch, so I'm starting from level 1. It's now been a week, so everyone should be done with the lower level quests and I'll hopefully be able to dodge the level scaling from the higher level players.
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