Finally pulled the trigger and bought a new computer


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Oct 8, 2016
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I think I got a good deal…if I didn’t, go ahead and laugh at my “expense” (ha! pun intended!).

So, I really wanted to wait to get a new computer. I’m a cheapskate, but I promised myself I was going to upgrade a year ago, I actually saved up money, so why not? I love my 7 year old beast, but, that’s about 49 years old in dog/computer years.

My first choice was going to be “the cheap model” — all I wanted was an i7-8700k, for max frames in Star Citizen. Since the GPU isn’t as important, I spotted a cheap model on Amazon with a 1070ti for $1479, only to have that sniped away from me. So, I was about to get the model with the plain 1070, for $1429, when I thought why spend all that money, when I could just spend a “little” more and get something that was a little nicer.

I spotted this at NewEgg, on sale for $1799, and after some thought (and a tally up on PCPartPicker figured I wasn’t going to do any better on my own.

I can let people know how it is when I get it. Normally, I would wait for another generation/year to upgrade, but, I’m ready now.
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