Fun on Daymar 16 Aug, 2019


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Jun 5, 2016
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Thanks to everyone that came out tonight for our two FPS ops

I had a blast working with Ace and Profit1, and we had some really great opponents. Unfortunately, in the mix, I didn’t catch all of you. But Captain Ives, Fury, and one other who joined for out last round (MikeyMcG? Really sorry for not catching your name). Special thanks to RabbahHagri for setting it all up.

The S71 is a very nice weapon. It can mount a 4x scope, and with good discipline, ammo will last a long time as the primary fire mode is semi-automatic. (No, it’s not a sniper rifle, it’s classified as an assault rifle)

Thing to note, if you are at a facility with an armistice zone, either have both ships fly out of the armistice zone to find a good set of ground to play on, or let the team starting from the armistice zone mount a land vehicle to get out of the zone quickly and without depleting their O2.
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Feb 12, 2015
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Currently the PvP ops and events that are happening are spontaneous but they've been happening every day this week during peak US hours once enough people turn up on the Discord.

There's likely going to be a bunch of PvP ops on Tonight from about 6pm Eastern onward.
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