Greetings from France


Dec 23, 2021
RSI Handle
Hi fellow Star Citizens !

I wish you a merry Christmas and really hope you are all doing well !

I’m not quite use to introduce myself but I saw that there is some questions to help in this process so here we go :
Where you from stranger?
- I’m from Paris in France ! I traveled a bit during my studies and lived in Germany, Canada and England. I loved all of them.
I apologize in advance for my English, it is not my native language and I always try to improve it, do not hesitate to show me nicely my mistakes :)

What drew you to Star Citizen?
- I first backed in 2016, simply because this game is the exact game I was looking for. Enter your ship (completely modeled, where you can actually walk inside and do several things like sleeping, changing components, climbing ladders ?? Hell yeah), then go off exploring or fighting villains, transiting from space to atmosphere without any loading screen ? This is just a dream that is reality at the moment with the version we have of the game, and I thank the devs every time I play.

What do you look forward to most in Star Citizen? (PVP, Exploration, etc)
- Everything. This game is fantastic as you can do everything ! If I had to choose I guess it would be exploration, in the sense that I would love to just go somewhere, find things, maybe fight ennemis, continue on, rescue someone that starts a quest, follow the quest, find a rare thing, continue… This would be my ideal play session !

What was the first game you remember playing?
Pokémon red on the game boy color ! This game started my passion for video games. My grandma and grandpa offered me the game and the game boy by surprise just because they had seen a commercial about it at the time and thought I would like it even though I never had a console or played video games before. They were the best !

What other games do you play?
I love single player games and rarely play multiplayer games, Star Citizen being one of the few ! (Which is why I’m not very used to forums and groups but I want to learn !)
If I try listing some of my favorite games of all time it would be Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, Bioshock, Uncharted, Dark Souls, Spider-Man and Halo (one of the only games I really played in multi with a team)

How did you first hear about Test Squadron and what convinced you to join?
I had left Star citizen for a while because of my job and because a had a potato pc. But recently I decided that enough was enough, I would have a great pc and I had in mind one pc that would allow me to play Star Citizen ! And did get it ! Now I started playing again ST and wanted to enjoy it with people so I searched an organization and Test Squadron seems the most enjoyable, casual and friendly ! I really laughed at the manifesto and can assure you that I do have an Aurora that I will never melt or exchange and would really much want to crash it alongside my fellow teammates in an epic battle for the glory of the Drunk Squadron

Picard or Kirk?
Huuuuum, Luke Skywalker ? :)
Just kidding (well not really, i love Star Wars (not the Rey Saga….) and love Luke Skywalker but the one from the original saga and the books that are no longer canons)
I prefer Kirk even though Picard is awesome ! I associate Kirk with Spoke and I love their duo

EDIT : If Kirk, new Kirk or old Kirk?
I would have to say new Kirk but I don’t really have a true reason !

That’s it for me, it’s a really long post when I look at it again but at least you know me a little !

Maybe I should add also that I do not plan to play a lot, as I don’t really have the time, but I would definitely like to play once a week at least and it would be great to play with colleagues from Test Squadron !

That’s it, I’m done !
Thank you for reading :)
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