Has you heard of Stormworks?


Space Marshal
Jan 27, 2015
RSI Handle
Well in order to explain what Stormworks is, I'd have to tell you it like the creativity of minecraft with the physics of space engineers but instead of resources like ore and drones that try to kill you. It's straight up cash from say transporting oil, diesel and/or jet fuel from an island or oil rig for the oil to maybe an airport to sell the jet fuel or some port to sell the diesel. You can also make money by just rescuing people or transporting people. The catch, there is no set craft to pick from you build everything from the ground up, from the hull the hardware all the way to where pilot sits. Also you pick how to get there whether it be boat, train, truck, helo or a plane. Just don't run out of money or you lose. I recommend try out your builds on a creative offline mode or look at youtube. Funny thing is that's how I found out the engine system works.
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