help with Overdrive missions now


Space Marshal
Jul 29, 2017
RSI Handle
Hello, can any help with Overdrive missions to get Hornet F7A, i have missions ready due to Consigerige.
I'm just waking up & my mind hasn't gotten the hamsters running on the wheel yet. Are you looking for people doing the Overdrive missions for you to be able to complete them in order to receive the F7A upgrade token or to help other TESTies out for them to receive it? Either way, good times.

I'm not sure what that has to do with being Concierge though, but congrats on joining us in the realms of the Space Whales. Every time I attend a Bar Citizen event when a member of CIG staff is there, I always suggest that they at some point name the Space whales that will be flying throughout the Verse after us Concierge members, the more we've backed, the larger the Space Whale for bragging rights, sort of like an Easter Egg & another excuse for us to explore as much of the Verse as possible, for us to find their roaming acknowledgement of us & maybe to take a screenshot of both that representation with our char together.
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