Feb 1, 2019
RSI Handle
Hiya! I’m underscore.

I’m an 18 year old college student from new jersey.

My boyfriend (covealent) has always liked space games and kind of dragged me in too so I play star citizen now.

What I like about star citizen is like all about flying with your friends and having the freedom of like getting up and doing jobs. I mostly like to just explore in the games and find people to talk to. :)

I was a total nintendo kid. The first game I remember playing was Zelda, A link to the past, on the wii lol. I mostly play fps games now though.

I first heard about Test Squadron from my boyfriend. What made me make the decision to join was when I was looking around the forums the community seems very welcoming and friendly.

Kirk because he’s the hottest friggen cheerio.

K. Cya :)
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