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Jun 3, 2016
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So maybe someone can tell me better what I'm seeing here:


This guy doesn't seem to be using stealth since he's jumping within 2 km of his targets, but they don't seem to notice him. He's very hot--must be a problem with the Suldrath shields, which don't seem to be very good. When he gets the "shields too hot" message he opens his cockpit to space. Anyone know what this is all about? Finally he seems to have landed several one shot kills with his missiles, which are only 4,200 damage so I don't understand what I'm seeing. The fact he doesn't comment on anything he does doesn't help. He seems to miss most of his missile shots and kill with his pewny pair of S2 lasers.

I'm curious about this because the Shrike does seem very impressive if loaded mostly stealth but Industrial A for max cooling rate. It should be invisible to 3.2 km and yet be able to regain that very quickly. If he forgot about the guns and launched two missiles at each target, I think he'd have 12 quick kills.

This guy seems to know much better what he's doing but I still don't understand. Note he says at T0.57, that if he hadn't been in stealth, the missile would have one-shotted. What is this all about?

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Jan 17, 2021
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When he gets the "shields too hot" message he opens his cockpit to space. Anyone know what this is all about?
I the comments below his video on YouTube he writes "Unfortunately there are some annoying bugs in the current state, the canopy bug is back...".

He's killing Aurora LNs (hull HP ~3,990) and Gladiuses (hull HP ~7,300) with Arrester IIIs - as you say ~4,200 damage. Maybe those are relatively big missiles for such small targets - one-shotting an Aurora LN isn't maybe surprising.

The main thing I'm curious about is how he jumps to within ~2.1km of his targets. Is that something to do with the Shrike, or with his bounties being VLRTs? I'm relatively new to PvE bounty hunting but I seem to be jumping to within ~25-35km of HRT and VHRT targets - 10x further away or more, and the combination of travel time in to the target plus delay before they spawn really slows your aUEC/hr - maybe intentionally. He's not getting that. What might explain that?
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Sep 28, 2017
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The video is from 3.12, not 3.14, a lot has changed between the two.

Suldrath shields are Banu shields with 100% physical damage absorption until they're taken down.
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