I-War and I-War 2 on Black Friday sale at GOG


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Nov 3, 2013
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GOG.com is having a Black Friday sale through the weekend. Included in it are Independence War and Independence War 2. These games were touted as revolutionary in their day because of the Newtonian ship physics, putting the player in more of a capital ship than a one-seater fighter, and their punishing difficulty.

I'm not sure how they hold up (I-War is 14 years old now), but at US$3.60 for the pair (or $1.79 for one), it's a cheap investment to find out.

I'm probably not picking them up, myself, as they're from the genre that requires a joystick to play, and I no longer have one. Even with a joystick, the game is famed for being brutally difficult -- and for requiring both tactics and skill.

For folks wanting to challenge themselves with a singleplayer space sim and some flight jockey practice, this might be something to look into.

If you've got a joystick...


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