IAE Sale Aftermath - Post your new fleet


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Mar 4, 2020
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Here it is, updated.

fleetview - IAE2950.jpg

Bought during this IAE : tons of warbond CCUs (above 100 total, Nomad, Eclipse, Valkyrie, Cutty, Corsair, Polaris...), a warbond Idris-K, 2 warbond Nomad packs, a warbond Perseus with 2 Arrows (Ambush pack). And with credits : Endeavour master set, Kraken and Javelin.

The Retaliator is the bomber version actually, made a mistake.
This is the first time with this IAE that I spend this much on RSI in a single event. Most of my fleet (3/4) actually comes from Grey market.

I am waiting for Talon release in December to build all my Hull C/D and waiting for C2 release to build Orion.
A few more ships still not built shown here, but got all the "parts" for them in hangar, with tons of CCU waiting for more ships release and price raise (G12, Vulcan, Vulture...) to do the upgrade path. So the screen reflects the actual plan, not what i have in hangar. I will have to buyback the Javelin and the Kraken with token in 2021 as i melted them and used the credits to get new stock for my shop during this IAE. The 2 Cutty black are the BIS from this IAE, not 2019, but Starship was not updated for them.

In 2021, I'll remove 2 Eclipse to replace them by 2 more Sabre, and 2 Hornet Ghost. The actual F7C Hornet will be upgraded to a Ghost. I will add a 4th Warlock upgrading an Invictus pack in buyback, a Buccaneer and maybe another Shrike. I will probably buy 2 more Eclipse, so there are still 4 of them in the end. The 2 BIS Cutty, the Freelancer MIS and the 2 Valkyries will be melted so i still have store credit to stock up my shop. The 2 Talons might be melted if I don't like them come December release.
After that the fleet will be complete according to my plan, with around 20 packs or so (and as many future character slots for customed NPC) or almost... probably missing a few small vehicles, and maybe a prospector or mole.
That will make a fleet of 4 Sabre, 4 Warlock, 4 Ghost, 2-4 Eclipse, 1 Vulcan, 1 Cutty Red, 2 Redeemer, 1 Ion and 1 Inferno for the Kraken depending on combat needs.
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Apr 23, 2014
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Crucible is technically a Vanguard, just waiting for Repair mechanics to apply the CCU. Already get a Connie loaner from the Corsair so I'd rather have a Vanguard to play around with in the meantime.

Nomad, Cutlass, and Corsair for varying levels of daily flyer-ness. Cutlass when I have a buddy to tag-team with, Corsair when I wanna roam around long distance and host a party for 4. Comfortable bringing the Cutlass into a combat role against most NPCs but if I'm going into PVP then I'll just tag along in someone elses ship most likely.

Vulcan, Starfarer, and Crucible for varying support duties as necessary. Fueling and repairing covered from patch jobs and jerry cans in the Vulcan to complete overhauls and fleet fueling capacity. Apollo for medical/SAR gameplay.

Caterpillar for cargo hauling and still hanging on for hope of modules, and I've had it since 2014 so I'm quite attached :)
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