Idris needs some serious balancing

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Sep 19, 2016
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Here's a thought.. might it be intentional they left the Idris mission to be fairly easy to win and blow it up?

So they can collect data needed to know how much they need to buff it up, as we're not suppose to blow ship up easy but to incapacitate them so they can be boarded.
And that tech is not fully in the game yet as they need to collect data to know how much tweaking is needed for it to be a viable option to be able to incapacitate over blow a ship up.
As such this kind of mission is new, it wouldn't be many trying the Idris mission at the moment if it was to be a 1+hour or more fight and it still is flying.. that mission would fast be the least played.

So to be sure peps try it out ( so they can collect data ) they made it fairly easy to win for now..
And as data and testing is done enough it will be put together and used for future tweaking and optimization.
Just a thought that it might be CIG is thinking a bit further ahead... (as they need peps to do the missions so they can get data to optimize them)

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Sep 28, 2017
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Spectrum is full of complaints from evocati about issues like this where they reported the issue but for various reasons it was ignored until LIVE lead to videos like these, or even restrictions being made as to which features are available during their testing causing things of this nature being untestable (we want you to test new functionally x,y,z but only these specific ships with stock equipment can be used.)
I've also seen plenty of evocati get so sick of the excessive restrictions on how they can test and feedback being ignored that they stopped participating in evo testing.


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Feb 5, 2018
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Multiple things to take in account here :
-The Arlington bounty is for a stolen Idris from repair deck, it might be toned down.
-The ai performance is very server related so it might be why they are not able to shoot torps down or don't use flare effectively.
-torps wait a complete ifcs Rework with MOM (missiles operator mode) all the change they made is place holder just before holidays probably here just to make us able to sink it and harvest how much/many we can do.
Data is data.


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Jan 2, 2016
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Theres a Video on youtube where a guy spawns an Ai Javelin and multiple hammerheads and Idrises and the Javelin just tears them apart.

It takes out an Idris with like 3 hits from its main guns.


looks like the Idris has been toughend up a bit, look how those main guns are chewing through Hammerheads like they are made of tissue paper though:

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