I'm starting a thread!

Blind Owl

Hallucinogenic Owl
Nov 27, 2015
RSI Handle
You can if Blind Owl shits in the post... who knows.. I hear owl droppings are really interesting. Or is that their cough up fur balls with bones in them?
Yay!second mention of an Owl's awesome pellets in as many days!
You do realize that threads like this are like @Blind Owl 's mating call, right?
Hornier than a ten peckered Owl.
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If a Blind Owl shits in the woods does it make a sound??
Depends if it's explosive diarrhea.
Funny that poop should come up in reference to me. As I was reading this thread my wife's yells to me "you're going to get hemorrhoids", to which I reply "are you saying TEST will give me hemorrhoids?" She says "if you keep posting while taking a shit, yup."

I mean, she IS a medical professional, but come on, how's a man supposed to shitpost?
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