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Aug 10, 2020
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Hello everyone! 3.15 is finally going live today

This patch brings with it the big WIPE everyone is set back to 0 and we must hop back in-game and grind our aUEC!

As such we are bringing back the mining leaderboards and adding in CARGO!!

Here's the run-down:
  1. This competition is open to EVERYONE in TEST (not just rock raiders). If you are TEST main or affiliate, it's fair game.
  2. Screenshots of mining sales must have the 'r_displayinfo=2' OR 'r_displaying=3' server information to verify the server date and time in order for your haul to count. ( ~ > r > TAB > 2 or 3 > ENTER)
  3. Screenshots of your haul must be posted from the LIVE server, do NOT use PTU.
  4. Entries will not be submitted on this thread, but rather a google forms link found below.
  5. Mole crew haul will not be split equally. The person submitting the haul from a collective effort will reward that person only.
  6. Total haul value and quantity of hauls will be posted and updated about every day or two. Please be patient with updates.
  7. Screenshots of your sales MUST be posted within 24 hours of taking the screenshot. Sandbagging (saving all your hauls until the last minute) is not allowed. The competition will officially end on the 1st of December. All submissions will need to be posted before the 1st, regardless of the server timer stamp.
  8. Cheating by inputting false data that does not match up with your screenshot will be deleted and will result in forfeiture of your running within this leaderboard. Warnings will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the staff. It only takes one person to ruin this for everyone, please abide by the above guidelines/rules.
  • Click the link in yellow just above ^
  • Fill out the form and submit with a screenshot (there is an option to upload at the end)
  • Wait 5 minutes and then
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Nov 8, 2017
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How are you guys selling your loads? When I land at a city and store your ship or the station auto stores the ship. It goes straight to claiming your ship not stored so I think id lose my cargo.

EDIT : Nevermind, I can still sell my cargo even after it does that!
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