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Oct 3, 2014
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I think this is the right location for this post...

Anyways, since I am still looking for a job and I need something to do I will be streaming the games I play on twitch at Now since most of the TESTies stream already focus on Star Citizen, I will be focusing on Descent Underground when it is available on the Proving Grounds (which should be in a week or two). In the meantime, I will be streaming a few of my favorite games such as Shroud of the Avatar, Kerbal Space Program, Star Citizen, Cities: Skylines, ARK: Survival Evolved (If I can get OBS to play with it) and more!. I will be using Deepbot to help out with the stream and got it mostly setup though I still need to work on get a unified theme setup for the stream.

My first stream will be today starting at 3pm US Central. The plan is to stream Mon-Sat from 3pm to 6pm with Sundays left for a break and to work on my Descent Underground community show The Crater. You can listen to the Crater on at 7pm US Central. Also, feel free to drop by the unoffical Descendant Studios Teamspeak ( and say hi (Or be the peanut gallery if you prefer).

Be sure to follow me on Twitter @XyphonOnline for the latest news and info.
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Apr 25, 2014
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Somewhat unrelated, but Murderer was looking for you in RSI Chat yesterday. He finally crawled out from under his rock and was wondering if you're still around. :)
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