Is this new ARGO leak a cargo or refinery ship? Video


Jun 10, 2021
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I am HOPING it will be a refinery ship.

I am also hoping that refining will also be a way to turn salvage and scrap into usable materials.

Imagine, buying bulk scrap...let's say 100 SCU for about 16k UEC, and finding out that after refining, you could get 15-50k depending on the random roll of the dice and your skill at refining (numbers made up). For instance, You buy bulk scrap, and it contains 75 percent Aluminum, 10 percent titanium, 10 percent gold, and 5 percent Bexalite

Scrap: 1.35-1.6 buy price x 100 scu = 13500-16000 aUEC
Aluminum 1.3 sell price x 75 scu = 9750 aUEC
Titanium: 8.9 sell price x 10 SCU = 8900 aUEC
Gold: 6.4 sell price x 10 SCU = 6400 aUEC
Bexalite: 44 sell price x 15 SCU = 22000 aSCU

Sell price of 47,050 UEC
Profit of 31,050 to 33,550 aUEC per batch.

Of course, you might not get that bexalite, you might get something else. You might get 75 percent aluminum, 25 percent Titanium, or 25 percent gold. You would still get a profit, but not very much. If you are not very good at refining, you might even lose money or damage your ship.

Just seems like it might be an interesting way to try and make money...
I'm really hoping it's a refinery ship too. Unfortunately I'm worried it might be Rapid Attachment Freight Transport as in lore Argo's success was because of developing a fast attach/release mechanism for cargo. If that's the case I don't think I'm interested. If it were also a refinery I'd be all over it though.
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