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Jun 3, 2016
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Shadow Reaper
PSA: Master Modes testing in 3.20 current state: copied from another forum

Thanks to confirmation by Avenger one (check his vid from yesterday) around Master Modes - there is zero pip targeting in yet - this does make combat really challenging but exciting. Anyway, given no explanation etc via the patch notes, none of us knew what to expect and it was very confusing. So, the pips and targeting sysyems *are* coming - sort of ridiculous that CIG released to wave1 / 2 to test MM with such a key element missing, and not clearly stating as such - therefore current tests are basically useless because we aren't able to actually test the new targeting system yet. So just keep that in mind if playing / testing MM in AC in PTU, that we expect the targeting and pips soon (very soon, prolly update patch PTU) and then we can properly test and provide our feedback with accuracy. Highly recommend you watch Avenger One's vid from yesterday shot while we were in AC / MM tests.

I'm pleased to add, even without the pips / targeting etc...MM is fun, makes sense and is all around just a much more engaging experience...combat is far far more exciting and visceral...IMHO this is a fantastic initial test bed and if embraced by the community..we will be largely on our way to a solid, awesome and finalized flight model..which is huge, and remove such a huge hurdle which has and does hold things up so-to-speak.
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