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May 13, 2021
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I have recently bought a Prospector in game and did a few runs and quickly realised I need to hunt Quantanium, however now after refining the quantanium and storing it to my Cutty, I am frustrated to find it doesn't appear in my cargo hold. I have tried using different refinery locations, having the ship stored or on pad, but the same thing keeps happening. I have lost 4 loads of Quantanium now and I'm at a loss of what to do. I have looked to see if this is a known bug but I can't find anyone else having the same issue. Any ideas?
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Apr 25, 2019
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If by "it doesn't show in my cutlass" you mean you can't see the actual cargo box into the cargo bay of the ship that is "norrmal": mist of the time cargo hold item doesn't update correctly when loading/unloading ships.

If you mean the cargo is missing form the selling console that could mean you load it on a different ship (maybe a duplicate of the cutlass???) or that your cutlass already have a full cargo bay so the refined material can't be loaded into it, in that case is just trashed.
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Mar 28, 2021
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Have you gone to a TDD to try to sell?

Also, when you collect your ore, you choose the ship to load the refined ore to. When that occurs one can see the amount of the load/and the capacity of the ship's hold.
i.e. Freelancer MAX has a 120SCU cargo hold, so when I choose the MAX to load the ore into it will read:
2500 cSCU Quantaium Ore/ 12000 cSCU
Click the Collect and it will transfer the refined Quantainum ore into the hold of the Freelancer

Also to reiterate what was said earlier, if you exceed the limits of your ship's cargo hold any excess will be deleted. If you load 4765 cSCU onto a Cutty Black with a 4600 cSCU (46SCU) hold you will lose 165cSCU of ore.
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Jun 19, 2014
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I honestly don't know. It sounds like the job is being cancelled after its been made and he's losing everything. Either that or he's not selling it at a TDD.

I'm sorry for taking so long to respond. I can't even play the game now but at 10 FPS or less and I'm burned out so taking a big break until I can get the hardware to make a new computer. Its not going well because the 2 most vital components are NOT IN STOCK.
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