Mining Leaderboard - September : CLOSED - Winner posted within.


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Dec 22, 2015
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Congratulations, Rytack! Our new MASTER MINER!

Totalling over 3.6 MILLION aUEC in value over 46 hauls throughout the month of September. Job well done!

Good morning/afternoon/evening ladies and gentle-TESTies!

We are BACK with another round of month-long (pace yourselves this time) mining leaderboard action! I am VERY excited to be your host this month in this glorious endeavor set forth by the ever-so-clever leader of the Rock Raiders, @Black Sunder . This month, as a reward, we will be transferring the super shiny title of MASTER MINER forum badge from our previous winner, @Spiffman , to the new #1. (Or will he hold his ground and reclaim the throne!?)

This will not officially kick off until the 1st of September and will end on the 30th of September. Please do NOT post your hauls in here until your game server says its the 1st. (more on how to do this to follow)

There are a few changes from the last time we did this, so listen up!

You can post submissions from the following methods of mining:

  • Hand Mining
  • ROC
  • Prospector
  • Mole
There will be no goal for you all to reach set forth by the leadership, this is simply a friendly competition among each other to see who our top earners are and the chance to have a fancy shmancy forum badge. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Here's the run-down:

1. This competition is open to EVERYONE in TEST (not just rock raiders). If you are TEST main or affiliate, its fair game.

2. Screenshots of mining sales must have the 'r_displayinfo=2' OR 'r_displaying=3' server information to verify the server date and time in order for your haul to count. ( ~ > TAB > 2 or 3 > ENTER)

3. Screenshots of your haul must be posted from the LIVE server, do NOT use PTU.

4. Mining sales will be added to a publicly available table for viewing found below.

5. Mole crew haul screenshots must also include crew member names, if any. This haul will be split evenly among your crew and yourself.

6. Total haul value and quantity of hauls will be posted and updated about every day or two. Please be patient with updates.

7. Screenshots of your sales MUST be posted within 24 hours of taking the screenshot. Sandbagging (saving all your hauls until the last minute) is not allowed. The competition will officially end on the 1st of October. All submissions will need to be posted before the 1st, regardless of the server timer stamp.

Updated 1 October 9:00am EST

Rytack 3,651,370
Black Sunder 2,561,198
IndigoSparkles 2,098,574
Lima-Seven 2,038,171
PV01 1,906,072
Alia_and_Gotin 1,466,941
Hayword 1,338,536
Apokolypse21 1,329,075
Chromeninja 377,306
Thalstan 268,315
Printimus 58,317
LoicFarris 34,100
Songwing 29,661
Grand Totals 17,157,636

Good luck everyone and have fun!


Week 1:
Week 2: [REDACTED]
Week 3: [REDACTED]
Week 4: [REDACTED]
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