Mod for Software Developer of Chevereto copies SC screenshot sharing website from a paying client


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Sep 17, 2016
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I was going to post this to the reddit and then it got deleted, but.. here it is

I just want to say, thank you so much for the support! It meant a lot to me yesterday. I want to add, Tom and I came to an understanding. I might be switching from Chevereto to another platform after this. The reason ours wasn't released yet was due to issues with integrating a CMS to static solution for articles with Chevereto user tables. Tom has been civil with me in communication on their discord. The whole issue stemmed from me seeing him in a position of authority and as part of the staff team, which I went to in trust for some help as a client. And the whole situation continued to develop into progressively worse optics as new information was being found out.

The developer is having an ethical debate about this situation among his inner circle and license holders and the public on his forum.. after seeing how things went in discord I won't be participating because of circular arguments/ad hominem and a wishy washy response on it being ethical or not, considering Tom's position on the platform. Which the developer changed the title of today to distinguish between employed staff and community moderator. Still doesn't change the past, but it's a start I think it a good direction. Well... I hope that answers some questions.

@Xist and others, you're absolutely right.. I was being naive... is it weird that for actual business ventures I know better... I've had to keep secrets in show biz before due to NDAs. But I only saw this as something I'm passionate about doing for personal fulfillment. When I created the cosplay discord and saw it grew and helped others, it felt great. I like helping others, I like gathering like minded creatives together, it's an amazing experience. it's a motivation of personal fulfillment and I just didn't fathom this situation would happen for something that's not even a business. But.. as others pointed out.. I guess if you get enough users on an image sharing website someone would buy it. I have no idea what you would do with a website like that for business.. it's not like it helps SEO unless all image titles and descriptions are filled out.. I just see no benefit whatsoever commercially if the website is free to use.... Google Ads maybe? I dunno what else. Maybe something more shady like user information scraping?

In any event, he deleted the thread, and I'm not going to go on a campaign against him as that's not why I started the thread here or my reply on reddit, I just didn't want to be silent and to speak my mind when I discovered who he was and I'm really happy the community at large wouldn't stand for what happened. I don't mean to be a sappy lilly but some of the replies were really moving. I've never had so many people write such profound and caring things about me before. Just my best friend in a Linkedin Review... maybe family for special event cards or something. But that's it.
You all (not just TEST, the entire community that showed up) are amazing, thank you! 💛
Sep 19, 2017
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I have no idea what you would do with a website like that for business..
It's value is not really in the software itself. It's in the community that the software enables. You have a fairly heterogeneous community with an identifiable interest in common. To an advertizer, that has some value. ...yeah... just a minute. @Montoya ... You are getting sleepy... very sleepy. You did not just read that this community has value. When I snap my fingers you will forget this post exists, and wake up feeling energized and fulfilled.