New Ark Server PVPVE Server Name: CatchPhrase


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Jan 1, 2014
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Server Name: CatchPhrase

- No resrouce node blocking, you can build near them.
- No blocking cave entrances or filling with tamed dinos
- Tribes no bigger then 5 ( This server isn't for one tribe to rule the server)
- No attacking passive dinos
- No destroying structure or dinos without purpose

- No Tribe wiping unless declared war, provide pictures for proof of tribe announcement. (can be posted here for simplicity) send pictures to [email protected]
- Raiding while offline is accepted, stay off the passive dinos, while online if passive get in the cross fire, on the owners fault
- Max Dino lvl 60 so dinos dont rule the server, but still are able to fight. Meaning the max wild dino you can find is lvl 60 but through perfect taming you can increase it's level much higher.

This server is meant to be open pvp outside of a tribes base area and anything goes. While attacking a tribe base be mindful that your raiding is purposeful. People can attack other tribes without a reason, but dont go around wiping the entire base.

We are using a global ban list so if you are banned on official server you are banned here.

Server is 30max, but will upgrade size as it is needed.

Wiping will be voted on by server as well as changing anything in terms of adding mods or small rate adjusments.

We want to keep this server as vanilla as possible, but arent against making small changes for enjoyment and quality of life.

Admins will not use any power other than helping people. If the game causes you to lose something due to a glitch etc. the chances of getting help wont occur, we all play on the same level field and with the same bugs.

Reporting admin abuse and cheating with or without proof to email [email protected], this email will not respond to any emails and is for recieving only.
Apr 4, 2015
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When CMD opens, follow these steps:

Get on Task Manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC)

Look at your "Background Processes"

Find "BEService"

Click the small arrow to the left

Right click on BattlEye Service and choose 'Stop'

This should cancel the operation and reprint "Starting BattlEye Service"

Your game should now load perfectly

Also what drive do you have the game on


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Dec 13, 2015
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Ok, I don't know how i got banned then, since the only time I played was for Survival Of The Fittest. I can use the option on steam to run it without BE but I still can't find the server.


Nov 11, 2015
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Updates/news are as follows, The walls of Pithecus Bay are up and the open facilities for new players are nearing completion already as well. Feel free to check it out due north of skull island and as always remember to close the doors behind you.
ARK_ Survival Evolved 3_4_2017 6_29_56 AM.png
In a related note the wall building ended up being done by hand due to another rare high level monstrosity that happened to show up at the wrong time of a Dilo fight/slaughter. This bugger wiped out my Casteroid and almost got me myself before I could get away.

ARK_ Survival Evolved 3_2_2017 1_43_30 AM.png


Nov 11, 2015
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Pithecus Bay starter station is now finished and ready to go for new comers! :smile:
(Located north of skull island along the beach) 20170305235957_1.jpg
This starter station has everything you could possibly need for getting a good start in the game whether you are new or seasoned to Ark.
*Ample Parking space for fly-ins and those arriving by sea
*Mixing and Cooking stations for all your food and brewing needs
*Multiple Smithies, Workbenches, and even a Fabricator available for all your crafting needs
*Overnight Rooms are even available for those who hate to travel at night or don't like the idea of the sun setting on the trail home
*Freebie gear boxes for all that old equipment you don't use anymore
*Compost Bins to help keep your garden plots fertilized back at your hut

Yes-sir-ee, all you could possibly need and more to hit the ground running in Ark. There are even plans for boat docking and small to mid land dino parking in the works, tho all you drunkards will have to be on your best behavior as we only have one drunk tank* available near the compost bins lol. So come join us in the Catchphrase server today!!!

(Fine-print details)
Pithecus Bay is starter/open Port for everyone, not affilated with any tribe. I just maintain it.
Please Do Close The Doors behind you as entering or exiting.
Not responsible for stolen goods by dinos or other caveman. (Try for the golden rule)
Not responsible for starving dinos should you leave them there.
Fighting? Please take it outside to avoid damage to structures.
Drunk tank* for Novelty-use only (unlocked)
And gasoline donations are welcome to keep the lights running.
If the lights do go out from lack of gas I can be reached thru chat on the Discord CatchPhraseArk.

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