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Nov 27, 2015
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Does anyone having issues with Paypal payments as well?

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Yeah it worked for me around 1.5 hour ago, then wanted to buy another thing and until now I cannot pay with paypal....
I'm just not sure if it's something with my account or general problem...
Worked for me a couple hours ago too. Dunno what's up. Shits been buggy all day though.


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Jan 2, 2016
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Btw, worth noting since it was not mentioned in the original post that the Nomad Warbond CCU has LTI, so it is a good alternative to make LTI ships if you just have non LTI tokens. You can grab a few 315p to Nomad CCU warbond for just 5$, i went crazy on that here (will be able to offer LTI for my shop now).
I bought 4 of those, two for this week and two for future concepts.

As for the ship itself, its a funky little thing, easily the best starter ship at the moment, bar the fuel hydrogen fuel use, but you can mitigate that.
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