Operation overdrive - catching up will be more difficult after this week


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Jun 5, 2016
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If you have thought about doing these events, but figure that you can do them anytime up to Invictus Launch Week, I would highly recommend that you get online ASAP and start catching up this week.

Phase 3 is semi-solo in that you can progress on your own, but you will need a bunch of other people doing this event if you hope to beat the mission. it looks like there are 4 hammerheads (maybe 5) each with an escort of 5 other ships. To win the mission, you need to kill at least one ship and then all the other ships must be killed as well, either by you or others.

this means as players complete their set of missions, they will be less likely to be people killing the groups on your servers.

time is also going to be a factor. Phase 1 took about 5 hours to complete and needs a minimum of 3 people to do fairly easily, with two being the absolute minimum. 6-8 make it much easier. Phase 2 took about 2 hours and again needed a group that was doing all three missions. and phase 1 about an hour with a bunch of folks doing it, and no one needed to be on the same phase. That means all told, expect about 8 hours of gaming time needed to go from start to finish for just these three phases with another 3 to go.

While I highly suspect they will sell the Hornet F7A mkII at some point…or at least run these missions again, if you are at all interested in it, this might be your best time.

If I am on, I will be willing to help out


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Nov 24, 2018
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You can solo phase 2 fairly easy in the right ship, phase 1 and 3 definitely are better in a group.
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