Operation Starfish - Flight of the firework Pisces - Sat Oct 30 2021 0200h UTC

Vahl K. Rii

Jun 5, 2018
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It's about high time we gave these fireworks a good "TEST'n".

And by that I mean let's load them on the back of a Pisces and see what dumb shenanigans we can get away with.

That's right, at Sat Oct 30 2021 0200h UTC we'll be meeting up on Grim Hex doing everything that the packaging expressly forbids lest we void our lively warranties. From the very basics of trying not to die with a live weapon of mass destruction in the back of a puddle jumper to recreating one of the most iconic scenes from Independence Day (the original one, the sequel was weird...) and everything in between.

Word of late says that the fair lady PTU is feeling generous these days, so I'm feeling mighty hopeful to see just how bright we can light up the skies.

I'll be looking forward to seeing all the colors we make in the sky.


Start Location: PTU -> Stanton System -> Crusader -> Grim HEX
Start time: 02:00 UTC - 13:00 AEST
COMMS: TEST Discord -> Voice Chat -> Starfish Op

Personal Equipment Required:
  • Test Armor: full or mixed yellow / black set
    • Inquisitor armor can be found at Grim Hex.
  • No weapon restrictions
  • Medical supplies
  • Not immediately dying
  • Getting colossus onto Pisces... and not immediately dying
  • Test vacuum performance (since we can't launch it in space)
  • Load one into the bar on Grim Hex using a trolley
  • engage in pvp with someone while the bomb is in their cargo hold and have a designated demoman in the back ready to pull the pin with a devestator shotgun.

Getting Started:
  • At 0200 UTC, we will gather in TEST Discord -> Starfish Op
  • Makes sure you are at the required start location and in the main menu.
  • We will be launching at the start time. If you are late, you will need to join after.
  • Further instructions will be given during the briefing.
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