POW 16.09.19 - 22.09.19


Space Marshal
Sep 27, 2016
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Hello Testies,
welcome to the next POW (Power of wat),
Discord has now an awesome UTC clock, thats why i'm removing the timezone links

  • Wednesday, 18 September
    • [RSI] Subscriber Newsletter

  • Thursday, 19 September

  • Saturday, 21 September
    • [TEST] APAC/EU Crew ... 10am-1pm UTC
    • [TEST] Combat flight training (CFT) with Marcsand ... 8 pm UTC
    • [TEST] Daily ops ... 10pm-12am UTC

  • Sunday, 2September

Feel free to message me if i forgot an event or you’re planning your own one

Quick reminder this are scheduled events and doesn't mean we are not playing the game on other days too

We will see YOU in the 'verse!
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