Selling everything


Jul 14, 2015
RSI Handle
So this might sound a little crazy but here it goes...

I want to sell my entire account.

I have my reasons, just looking to part ways with it, the account is attached to a MVP account for my starmaps so you'll get to use the bonus MVP badge on the forums if you do a lot of that, the account has not been used for hardly anything on the forums, very few comments ever posted, most of my time was spent here on TEST.

The account has the following ships (only sellable for store credit) and probably 10-15 items for your hangar from VIP and gifts from friends/family.

Drake Dragonfly Yellowjacket LTI
Avenger Warlock with Squadron 42 and Star Citizen game package
Freelancer DUR LTI
Drake Herald LTI

Message me offers, I'll remove the post if it's sold.

Thanks guys!
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