The Outer Worlds! released, and it's really good!


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Feb 22, 2016
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Anyone interested in a space themed Fallout game should give this a try!
I've only played up until reaching the first town and mission giver boss there, so far it feels really good!

NO MICROTRANSACTIONS! This is a proper single player game!

I already had a chance to use the usual skills in conversations like:
- used the Medic skill to patch up a friendly NPC, then shot the friendly NPC for his armour (worth it! not really but still, having the freedom to do so is nice)
- intimidated some cowardly guards into a suicide mission to deal with bandits, so I could deal with the bandits easily and loot the guards as well!
- persuaded someone into giving me access to something important

Shooting is far beyond what Fallout had, it feels smooth, precise, fast paced. Reminds me of borderlands, but it doesn't feel as irritatingly twithcy.

Graphics are nice and colorful, with all set to Ultra, it runs perfectly fine at 60fps on my 1060 and old 4th gen i7.

UI is okay, easy to read and see what's what. No silly scrolling on a small screen attached to your arm lol

Character leveling seems to have depth, with perks every 2 levels, skills, and the usual main stats we are used to.

Controls are streamlined, everything works as you would expect, buttons do what you expect (E for Use, Ctrl crouch/stealth...), basically what you had in previous fallout games with only the best parts taken from each, also there's no annoying lockpicking or hacking minigame for basic stuff, the only complaint I have is the "hold E to.." system. It takes ages!

If you played Fallout games, everything will feel familiar. Game mechanic like Stealth crits, inventory by weight, computers to read background stories and so on

NPCs have character, and the whole thing seems to be a much more light hearted romp filled with gags and jokes compared to Bethesda titles. It has a bit of Rick and Morty wibe to it.

Lots of easter eggs to discover. If you are a Firefly fan, you won't be disappointed that's for sure!

Now, where to get the game?
- It's not on Steam (yet)
- It's not on GoG (yet)
- It is on the Epic Games Store. (1 y exclusive) If you are one of those who thinks that the Epic Games store is somehow worse than the rest, or even hell itself, you can also play the full game with an XBox PC GamePass or whatever it's called. It's the cheap solution, and no, it doesn't go through the silly windows store, it's a separate app that works perfectly fine. (as an added bonus, you get to play other epic exclusives like Metro Exodus without paying Epic a dime) This is the method I chose as well, works fine.
- Or just wait a year and get it on Steam for cheap in case you want to keep playing it for years to come, although it doesn't feel like a game that would get the same modding community behind it as Bethesda titles. Cos it's not totally broken out of the gate like those lol
- it's also on XBox One and PS4 if you want a subpar experience for some reason, but atleast you can get a boxed version that way
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Dec 9, 2015
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It's one of them "hey why is it 4 am all of a sudden" games, loving it.
Also think the flaw system is brilliant, jumped of a few high places which damaged me and the game asked of I wanted to develop a flaw. This flaw would permanently deduct some points from perception (I think, vertigo) in exchange for a perk point :D
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Nov 27, 2015
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You don't need epic, if you get the games pass right now for a 1$, you can then purchase it for 30% off, quite the launch day bargain.

It's a great game, a novel idea. A complete game at launch, no micro transactions, no special editions. They just made a game and went "here's a game, enjoy"

I disagree with the whole EPIC store exclusivity crap, but there is another..........


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Jun 19, 2016
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I stocked up on the PC Game Pass deal over the summer got 2 1/2 years - great deal, looking forward to the HALO MC collection when it drops.

As for Outer Wilds, I'm loving it - fun story and great RPG elements, speech skills actually have an effect on combat! Not grindy at all either, or hasn't felt like it. I will say Normal difficulty is maybe a little too easy, but I'm playing casually and having a lot of fun. I can definitely recommend.

And yes definitely use the XBOX Ultimate PC game pass to skip the epic store!


Dec 3, 2018
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Amazing game. It's [properly done] Fallout In-Space, with a side of Firefly, and perhaps a sprinkle of Mass Effect. Should be in running for Game of the Year IMO.

I downloaded it on PC late Friday night and ended up putting in 30 hours over the weekend. I've been so unhappy that I haven't had a chance to play it since then due to work and being too tired. I'm already looking forward to my next play-through of it.
  1. My first char is basically an overall good, Malcolm Reynolds type personality, who isn't a big fan of the Corps but sees some need for them, and prefers an amicable solution over combat.
  2. Second will be a total tool, corporate sell-out, ruthless assassin type.
  3. Third might be balls to the wall anti-everything big company, Iconoclast-follower type.
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