Titan Armor Information & Discussion/Theory - Titans Are Coming!

Black Sunder

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Jun 19, 2014
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New Galactapedia article about the manufacturer of the Titan Armor:



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Jan 28, 2019
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SGT Shine
The scifi dude in me says hell yes to this armor and hope to see them in game. Anything to bring the ground warfare to the verse would be a highly anticipated addition, it would be more appealing to how you want to set up your fireteams. There wouldn't really be stopping anyone from fielding an entire unit of these to take over ports or whatever they plan for the future. The modularity of them would make it easy to bring a wide range of weapons and tools to a fight. I think it would be obvious to also have loadouts that would excel at 1 particular job and look cool doing it.

The military dude in me says that a big easy target that says shoot me first sign on the front and back of it. Yupe, that awesome railgun, missiles or grenade launcher is going to do a number on these things. Surprise and violence of action would be the most effective tool besides any guns or loadouts. As with everything in SC time will tell.
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