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May 31, 2017
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Jun 5, 2016
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sweet tea is not iced tea in the rest of the country, but in most of the southeastern USA, it is. (not sure on Florida)

You ask for iced tea in some parts of the country and it's sweetened. In other parts, it's unsweetened. In some places, you ask for sweet tea, you get unsweetened and some sweetener plopped down next to it, in still others, if you ask for tea, you get flavored tea, not black tea (sweetened or unsweetened). Finally, if you ask for iced tea in some places, they give you a glass of ice, and a pot of hot water and a teabag...

As for where you and your family are from...welcome to North America. Most of us are mutts, and dang proud of it. My family is part German, part French, and part English/Irish/Scottish. My wife is English/Italian. My sister-in-law is Puerto Rican, my Uncle is a Native American. It's who you are that matters...not what you are.

Lastly, Congrats on the move. I've been to Toronto, but I liked Barrie more (less people). However, I love Vancouver. It's an absolutely gorgeous city. That said, I think Victoria is even better....but i've only seen that city from a vacationer's perspective, while I was in Vancouver for both vacation on time, and business several, other times.
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