[Video] Montya talks about the Mantis


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Sep 25, 2017
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First Australian to comment in the thread.

good video, the Mantis would work well with the mine-pooper and are the ships required for the new salt mining gameplay loop.

This is brilliant! Can you imagine pulling haulers out of warp into a minefield? Oh, the glorious mayhem. Then we can set up repair services to help those crippled ships get moving again only to replace their crew with our own once the repairs are complete and they pay us.

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Jun 3, 2016
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Shadow Reaper
Okay so let's suppose you want a capital class mining rig, and you're just sure given the opportunity, the Vanduul could be persuaded to give you one of their Drillers. So you go and set up between Caliban and Orion, and you find a place where ships quantum through regularly. Since you know the Vanduul are mining Caliban and exiting through Orion, you're pretty sure what comes through mostly, are Drillers.

So you set up camp. You place a minefield, and then another and another. The secondary and tertiary are places of refuge where your wounded birds can flee and be protected, and that can be used in draw plays, so whatever fighters and bombers come thorugh will chase you and be eliminated away from the main ship, since they chase you right into minefields.

But the big ship, no. It doesn't chase. It gets popped with an EMP and all it's systems go down. They can't even blow themselves up. They know they deserve to die, but they can't even do that right. Fr*cking Vanduul scum, all deserve to die!

Too much fun. I won't believe it's all possible yet, but I can hope.


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Jan 5, 2016
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