Video: Warframe - tips for beginners


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May 22, 2014
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I've played it extensively. Have a few Prime. My fav is Ash Prime with the Dread bow the one I got killing the Assassin forgot his name. Love to mark targets teleport and kill shit. Close second is Loki Prime. When I feel Lazy Frost prime freeze shit and kill. When I feel like beating the crap out of stuff Rhino Prime with Fragor and just pummel everything.

Favorite melee
- Polearm Lesion
- Twin Basolk (I haven't played it in a while but I heard the Twin Krohkur is a good weapon) Maybe I'll look into it when I feel bored.
- Nikana Prime on my Excalibur

I am a big status chance fan and the Basolk is the most underrated weapon. It can literally melt most shit if modded for status right.

Favourite Side Arm :

- Euphona Prime (Single target and small crowds)
- Angstrum for clearance of multi targets

Favourite Ranged

- Loved my Latron Prime - Sadly lacking the new specific weapon mod that came out over 6 months ago to make it effective. Still main it
- Ogris for clearing stuff cause Why not
- Dread when i need to go stealthy

Was big into acquiring Prime frames, I mean what else is there to do in the game. Missed out on Excalibur prime. Getting it is almost impossible and way expensive. Was a founder pack exclusive. So I currently have

Frost Prime
Ember Prime
Rhino Prime
Ash Prime
Loki Prime
Banshee Prime
Mirage - Didn't play when the Prime version came out
Nekros Prime (Who doesn't love having an undead army )
Oberon Prime

I got bored haven't played it for a while. Those newish mods with the multi skill shit is still out of my reach. If I do take up the game again I'll probably try and acquire Mirage Prime, Hydroid Prime and Twin Krohkur.

Heres a little trivia for you Warframe fans. When Warframe started their Chinese version they introduced a slightly altered universe from the global version. At the time they did introduce in the Chinese founder pack and game with Excalibur Umbra.

The Umbra frames are as I have come to understand it different version of the frame like we have the Prime version. They did promise its release in the Global version of the game but I suspect this may only come after all Prime versions of other frames have been released.


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Jan 22, 2014
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I tired playing it a few years back... got through the tutorial level, and got onto my ship(?) but couldn't continue because it gave me some serious motion sickness...

I'm usually fine with FPS/TPS but I'm not sure if it's the world design or enemy design but it just made me feel really sick...


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Jan 20, 2017
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Just started playing this again. I'm doing the missions with randoms but should probably solo them as i'm pretty much just mashing my face on
the keyboard without knowing what i'm doing.
Watched a couple of vids and working my way through venus atm to open up the stuff for Rhino.
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Mar 14, 2015
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Will probably log back in this week to take a peek after a 2-3 yr hiatus, but likely not jumping back in til summer.
Jul 12, 2016
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We could form a clan and get a Dojo going, but it'll take a loooooong time to get it up to speed. I'm currently with The Lone Rangers, literally a clan of solo players that just wanted dojo researchable items/weapons/frames. They're pretty chill, hell some of them helped re-teach me how the current damage system works, because Im a potato.