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Dec 14, 2021
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Nice guide! The Valve Index is pretty similar but I've not set up the resolution and FOV enough where it's comfortable to use long term. I will search for what instructions and resolutions I used for that and share here so others can benefit.

----Valve Index----
Start Steam VR
Start Vorpx
Start Vorpx Desktop
Start SC
Make sure SC is running in Borderless Window
Hit DEL to bring up Vorpx Menu within SC
Change Playstyle to Full VR Mode
Play the game!

I am struggling to find the custom resolutions that were recommended. Still digging for those. I need to put in work to try to use the controllers instead of KB/M to see if that's remotely feasible. I've not really looked at this a whole lot beyond just seeing that it works because I never got the FOV and resolutions quite right.
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Shadow Reaper

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Jun 3, 2016
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Shadow Reaper
When yoou do get it up and running, I would love to see some vid with you both piloting, and running FPS missions in VR. I am still concerned about how to play the entire game without access to the keyboard. I get with two sticks there are lots of buttons to program, and oyu can toggle on voice command, but I have never seen anyone game like that, and it seems better than buying a $1,500 display and finding room for it.
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Sky Captain

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Oct 13, 2018
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I am still concerned about how to play the entire game without access to the keyboard.
Super cool stuff. Thanks for sharing that video. And I agree: While I like in-scene- immersion with VR, I'm uncomfortable sacrificing eyes on the keyboard given how gameplay benefits from many key-bound functions. Perhaps using something like VoiceAttack for voice command for common keyboard actions might help address that. That's what I'm checking out next.
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