Wolfy is doing a build.. soonish. I need help deciding which way to go.


Space Kitty
Apr 27, 2017
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I am trying to decide between ordering a hardline build from Origin PC or Digital Storm and getting custom artwork done on the case or getting a Lian Li Dk-05 and doing an aircooled build, then upgrading to hardline tubing later when I have more time. If I keep it simple I will probably be using a Corsair 1000D

Specs I think I will go with (assuming I don't wait for new stuff to release) is going to be a RTX 2080 TI, I9 9900ks, 64gb of DDR4 Corsair RAM, and a few other bits.

Lian Li case: 1573238184843.png

Digital Storm case option (prebuild).
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Apr 25, 2019
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Let be honest, I'm not a fan of pre-build configuration: if you can do it by yourself do it, it will save you a lot of bucks!
Olso not all the support services are so valid and coempetent (look for Linux Tech Tip, they have done a couple of videos about that and the result where... wel sya interesting)....

Desk case are really good looking, but I don't know if I'll like to racomand one: they are expensive and again with a little of pallinig and gigsaw work you can get a preatty good work for a 1/10 of the price (woods pannel don't cost that much)

I'll say save your money and go for a standard good case with air cooling: water cooling is good, but unless you overclock is mostly fancy, there is no real difference on game performance, so better to save money for get better components... if you really like water cooling then you can always add it in a second time.😉
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