Z-7's Pre-Alpha 2.0 Track Analysis for The 350r


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Aug 11, 2015
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nice post @Myre

i dont see how he is using both a combo of pitch and yaw to get threw those turns without the major bucking. any time i use pitch with the 350r since the 1.3 patch either i get uncontrollable up or down drift. or, i get an extreme bucking effect with a random outcome to where your ship is actually directed. i recognize the possibility that its a joystick vs mouse thing, but im not sure what Z uses to fly with, but to me, it looks like a mouse and keyboard.

at any rate, its always interesting to me watching people who have such good control while racing. to me it seems like a exercise in trying to tame chaos lol.


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Feb 12, 2015
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50/50 pitch yaw or 45'ing (45 degree turning) was the gold standard for turning all ships before patch 1.2. For whatever reason, 45ing used to negate any drift or eccentric movement when flying any and all ships. It's interesting to see that come back for the 350r in this patch as I haven't really noticed it for any of the other ships, perhaps it's accidental. Either way I wouldn't expect it to persist with the new IFCS.

In the videos, Z-7 uses keyboard and mouse and relative mode (ctrl+c) with look ahead mode on which gives it that less rigid appearance but probably doesn't affect the ships manoeuvrability the way it does to the gimballed mode.
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