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    Hi, I'm Mr Irish...

    Welcome to the madness :3
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    I Got My New TEST Swag

    I meaaaaan, I'm traveling back and forth, I could be a living transport vehicle for Test couture :O
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    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    Hey peeps, Quick update: There are a couple of people that are on the list, but we haven't organized anything further. I hope those Testies don't mind me posting it: So if somebody is still looking for a Room mate, please check on this list and we'll get you together. Please also let me...
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    I Got My New TEST Swag

    Errrr, I might mention I'm moving to Miami so maybe Munken is the one to trust ^_^
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    Thank you It's a banana angle though ^^
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    HAPPY 3 years!!

    I made it to the list Congrats! Sorry for the late reply. Haven't logged in since ages.
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    TESTosterone Increase

    My (T)oestogens tickled there was something happening here ;D Welcome on board!
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    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    If you're not on this list, please sign up. We're trying to align people together. This thread is a little crazy to do so though :D I'll prepare something for this afternoon with @Munken Right now, we have about 14 entries. There's sure something to get together :) Here's the link to the...
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    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    Munken and me have the list! I thought to leave it open for some days and get it all sorted out by the end of this week. Work does keep me quite busy atm :( Sorry! If anybody has found or booked something else already, let me know via discord please :)
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    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    Guys, we made a list for everyone for accomodation :0
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    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    Push push
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    CitizenCon 2018 Austin Texas

    I'll be there from 6th to 13th. Need: - fellow testies arround - accomodation - activities planned around the event (provision of pools, cocktails and shooting ranches preferred) /discuss
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    Frontier Feature 14 - Aeloy & Britizencon

    Hello *wavesback
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