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    Is a board game, and it's great. DnD style stuff and you can play it over newfangled computing machines. If anyone is interested in a great campaign of this game starting soon...tonight maybe hit me up. We will be playing over TTS. Chatting on discord somewhere. Join me.
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    Hey yo CapnJack (that's me)

    Beer, specifically DeSchuttes Brewery, up in Bend? Oregon me thinks
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    How doeth one procure a Test T-shirt with one's name on the back? Saw a lot of them in TX, and...

    How doeth one procure a Test T-shirt with one's name on the back? Saw a lot of them in TX, and decided I needed one for myself?
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    Hey yo CapnJack (that's me)

    Long time lurker here, and recently returned from CitCon 28whatever. I realized I never put up a proper introduction. Sooo here it is, BLAST OFFF! Where you from stranger? Wyoming a place stranger than most. What drew you to Star Citizen? Wing Commander and Privateer Series, long time...
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    The "I got my Citizencon 2018 ticket" thread!

    Hi guys long time lurker here, Just got my ticket... Decided to spend my birthday week in Austin. Gonna keep it weird and drunk, hopefully with some new found friends. Gonna be driving down from Wyoming too, if anybody else is travelling that way as well, hit me up. Cheers edit: Not...
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    Albion Online (Launches on July 17th)

    downloading the game now
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    These games?

    Farmsim yes... would like to play with real people!
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    Battlefield 1

    add me on Origin: Jax_Powers808
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    Battlefield 1

    I've been playing its a lot of fun
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    Roll20 D&D 5e Campaign

    I'd be interested seeing as how its newbie friendly... I have no experience with the game, but a great imagination, I think it would be fun to hang out and play (by that I mean drink) some D&D Evenings or Weekends are good.
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    An anyone interested in stellaris thread

    downloading now...
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    Leicester wins! Instant Armaggeddon
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    ARK: Official PvP Server

    Count me in for this it sounds great!!! I played a bit at the beginning of the Test Ark server and enjoyed it this sounds 100x better.
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    Arma training

    I am so down. I've been wanting to get into ARMA
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    We have an ARMA 3 server!

    I'm trying to download the addons over Arma3sync, but it's asking fora password, any help, I'm on Binary right now too.
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