1. gustavolrcoelho

    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    Hello guys, I've been aware of the gray market for years now, but never delved into it. I know that you can trade ships into other accounts throught the gift system and I kinda know that that's tha way it is done, still, how does it work, exactly? I had the habit of getting some ships then...
  2. Disastronaut

    Gimbals and Guns reward MIA

    Hey there space fans. I was awarded the Gimbals and Guns referral package years ago when I was going HAM on spamming my referral code on the interwebs. Now that I'm playing I would love to utilize these guns and gimbals, but I cannot seem to find them anywhere in my inventory. Anyone else run...
  3. exiun

    need ship Advice

    i am looking to upgrade from the avenger stalker for something that has cargo space plus speed and stopping power nothing too crazy not looking to break the bank here lol Any tips , insight or recommendations?
  4. wmk

    Temperature with 4 fast memory sticks vs. 2 sticks

    I'm going to increase amount of memory in one of my gaming machines from 16GB to 32GB; I have two 8GB sticks in single channel right now /slots A2 & B2/, and they remain very cool even under heavy load; Low temperature is very important to me, and I want to keep it low. The question is: should...
  5. Michael

    facts about Star citizen development [questions]

    Hello fellow testies, I'm currently trying to find some facts about Star Citizen and try to put some things into perspective And maybe you have answers (and links to prove them) about certain questions. 1. How many people are working ships and creating them (eg. stop making ships start making...
  6. Tiger

    Hitchhiking Guild To The Universe for Test Dummies

    As a Professional test pilot and lunatic I will be crashing a lot. I will need a ride Questions 1 Can I get a hitchhiking beacon.. 2 how can I be trusted in a drunken violent state not to kill my generous host and tea bag while laughing 3. The hitch hiker could be molested 4 do you get a...
  7. Joegasaki Kenji

    Hmmmm...... Caterpillar or Merchantman?

    So! With the new Catapillar and dragonfly combo i'm thinking of splurging and buying a package. I currently own a Carrack and want your opinion... Should i keep the Caterpillar after buying or upgrade it to a Merchantman after buying. I want to do some trading but when the sh*t hits the fan Í...
  8. Jim "Black Bones" Bundy

    Help me making the right choice.

    Hi guys! Following problem: I really want to have the cutlass but I don't want to buy one for 100$ plus I want LTI. The ship I would like to upgrade is my 325A which is the ship tied to my original gamepackage. The thing is: it doesn't have LTI. The other option would be the avenger which has...
  9. Harkuno

    Where do i put this...?

    Last week I made a thread about a small bunch of Window Stickers that I had made (here). In the thread, following comments from other TESTies, and after some thinking, I mentioned an idea as seen in the quote below: Having now bought some more stickers (5 more, due to set order quantities, so...
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