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Sep 9, 2021
RSI Handle
Hi! I am Tami, a transgender male-to-female (don't care what pronouns you use for me lmao) that really likes space games. I played elite for quite a bit and made a trip across the galaxy all the way to the other side when I played. Then I found star citizen. At first, I was skeptical since you know, alpha for god knows how long, but then I saw what you could do and what the game looked like and I was genuinely impressed! Apparently so much so that I spent nearly $700 already on this game (Don't worry, it was money put aside)! My favorite ships right now are the Argo Mole and the Drake Caterpillar.
I come here to have a good ol time with some people and also I REALLY needed some people to play this game with, I'm lonely man!
I used to play elite until odyssey and right now the main games I play are star citizen and dark souls.
Also I literally was just looking at the orgs in largest and found this org. Honestly good job to whoever constructed front page! They know what they are doing give them a raise :)
Also even though I wasn't huge into star trek I do remember liking picard more than kirk.
Anyways thats It! I'll see yall out in the verse!
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