You awake in a forum


Aug 19, 2021
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Hey all, I’m new here so this is an obligatory introduction post in which I will attempt to farm likes and reply to this post and then hide in my shell never to post again. It is my pleasure to introduce me, AgtAmbush, to your forum.

I have been an SC backer since 2014 and I have spent far too much money on this game. My girlfriend and I have been playing for a couple years now but it’s gotten just a little lonely. We’d love people to play with!
My edge with SC is I love piloting all the big ships. I don’t mind that I don’t get to shoot always as long as the ship I’m in casts a large shadow.

My owned ships are:
RSI Polaris
RSI Perseus
Anvil Carrack
Crusader Hercules Starlifter
Aegis Redeemer

*but I’m sure I’ll get more within a year because I have no self control*


Anyway, I’m already on the discord and I’d love to play with you guys sometime! See you soon!


Vice Admiral
Sep 3, 2019
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Would you look at that!...Multiple likes including the Head of state :o7: Only I didn't see mention of any Aurora in the collection..........Gotta have one of those oldies in the garage....Sorta like having an old AMX Javelin with 50 series and Craiger SSTs sitting in the garage for cruise night:like:
Welcome aboard:o7:


Oct 22, 2018
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"You awake in a forum..."
It's dark, only the light of a flickering neon sign casting a shape to the shadows. You smell stale beer and what might be leftover bar snacks. From several directions your ears detect unintelligible sounds, like drunken words in many foreign languages.

While your senses are still attempting to orient themselves, a faint whooooshing sound is heard followed instantly by a bright explosion in a window you did not know was there. You rise and go to the window to see an Aurora EX broken, burning and half-buried in the ground. Three persons in unmatching black and yellow armor stagger out of the wreckage.

A moment later they push into the room, and one asks "Did we miss last call again???"

Roll perception on a d20.

On a 2 or above, you realize this is the TEST Forums, and that you are welcome to be here.
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