State of the Squadron 51

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First one of the year! Welcome to all the new arrivals!

Star Citizen breaks $100M raised for 2022

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How is this even possible?

Some thoughts on the RSI Galaxy for $350

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If Im going to get it, I will do the $530 full warbond version, but its sitting in my cart right now and Im still contemplating the purchase.

Banu Merchantman tease

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CIG tweeting out this little tease that I missed on the Banu Merchantman!

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Drowez wrote on vahadar's profile.
Hello good sir, where would one find that Hull E CCU I've scoured the posts but to no avail...yet. Appreciate it.
@Montoya Hey, changed my main character over to an alt and renamed it PatrickSpaceman
Profession: Hull exfoliation specialist
Hello, TESTies! It's great to see you all again!
It's been almost six years but I'm back in the cockpit!
Finished my degree, am electricity engineer now, and 2 years into a PhD.
Eagerly awaiting 3.18 and already expanded my fleet.
I am currently not looking for "Long walks on the beach," and Cats make my eyes turn to quick dry cement.
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