Star Citizen breaks $100M raised for 2022

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How is this even possible?

Some thoughts on the RSI Galaxy for $350

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If Im going to get it, I will do the $530 full warbond version, but its sitting in my cart right now and Im still contemplating the purchase.

Banu Merchantman tease

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CIG tweeting out this little tease that I missed on the Banu Merchantman!

There is a $45 game package with the Cutter right now

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For the 2022 IAE deal of the week, $45 for the Cutter that includes LTI and Star Citizen game, good time to get one if you plan on gifting to a friend or starting a second account.

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Quick question: How do I recognize fellow TESTies out there in the verse? I assume the org must be linked to my bio through the RSI website, but after that, is there some kind of in-game indicator to help distinguish our fellow org mates in the PU?
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