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Dogtags incoming soon™.. Also possible TEST car best car? Hmmm.
Chopping things into little bits is strangely therapeutic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ae8rbqRgGFA
ElChap0 wrote on Malikin "Snowmech" Detroy's profile.
Happy samsie birthday fellow Testie!

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[Video] 3.4 Roadmap and beyond

My cinematic meandering showcasing the Lorville environment

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"Chewing the Scenery" is a video series in which I showcase the amazing environments within video games. This time, I take meandering, cinematic tour through the massive city of Lorville on the planet Hurston in Star Citizen Alpha 3.4. LORVILLE is one of the many company towns Hurston Dynamics has established for its employees on the company-owned planet "Hurston". While the city overlooks some of the larger strip-mining operations that are currently underway, it exists in the shadow of "Central", the corporate headquarters for Hurston Dynamics. Lorville's three main districts, connected by a mass transit system, run the gamut from the working class grit & grime to the opulence of a galactic weapons manufacturer. All footage was recorded in game by me in Star Citizen Alpha 3.3 & 3.4 within the sandbox "Universe" or "Crusader" game mode in 4k 21:9, 3440x1440...

Fallout 76 - Two shot gauss rifle vs Level 91 Deathclaw and giveaway!

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This weapons is badass! Yours for the taking!

Fallout 76 is fun!

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I was in playing last night with @DirectorGunner @MonsterNeal and Vertisce... a good time was had.