- Twitch Integration (PM me if you want your channel added)
- Selective Quoting now available! No more deleting parts of message when replying to other people :p
- Online status pulsing indicator on avatar.
- Dark theme currently unavailable for selection (Coming Soon TM)
- New front...
Hey All!

We are opening a TEST Merchandise store soon! Basically it is a store through which artists can sell their TEST propaganda posters, tweakers can sell cool peripherals like head trackers, the possibilities are endless! I want to gauge your interest in signing up to sell/buy from this...
Hello TESTies (or TESTes whatever floats your spaceship)!

Its been an awesome summer and we are starting pick up energy after a rather lethargic summer! I hope everyone had a great summer (I know I did with my folks in Korea) and with the cold months ahead I look forward to playing with you all...