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    Hello from SardoInside

    Welcome to Test C64 veteran! Old Kirk does indeed rock.
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    State of the Squadron 45!

    A round for everyone above this post! 🍻
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    Ship naming - "my name is..."

    Carrack = Sojourn the Black MSR = Wicked Dreams
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    Valheim - Surprise game of the year?

    I have it, must alter spacetime to create more free time... My buildings don't fall apart, I've only killed myself once chopping down a tree, and trolls frighten me. 10/10
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    Free ride to the Moon !!!

    Lag or 30K?
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    Free ride to the Moon !!!

    I hear I have a great chance of selection. Can't wait to start training. Got my certificate.
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    These new images from Mars are amazing!

    AWESOME! Test is what's best...
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    Is the Tonk going to be completely useless?

    I will spin in circles, and I will admire it. Because it is admirable. My Tonk is going to be very Tonky. I will name my Tonk Bob. Bob the Tonk. I love Bob. -Drunk me
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    Bug makes game unplayable

    Bold decision makers now too. Welcome to Hurston I guess.
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    Bug makes game unplayable

    That scene just looks so... weird. Shameful NPC behavior.
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    It's been some years, but I'm back.......

    Welcome back, have yourself a drink and settle in! 🍻
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    400i Coming Soon™

    Will it be just another ugly origin design or something worthwhile? Stay tuned overpriced potato shaped spaceship fans... I haven't liked anything Origin since the 300 series rework, so I'll remain wary of a new sleeker sweet potato looking ship from them.
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    RSI Perseus - First look!

    Agreed. Sometimes the top rated questions just make me facepalm. I watched this video yesterday, and also think he did a good job answering some easy ones. Wish CIG would ignore the easily looked-up ones.
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