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    [Video] Talon concept sale $90 warbond

    Couldn't decide which one, thinking is hard! Blacked-out. Woke up with double pack, and smoking wallet. Please advise.
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    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

    Well, that's true. I reserve the right to exit the cockpit with my half-drunk bottle of scotch and ask, "Wooohooo! Where's the party!" as I slap the rump of one of those flight attendants, soon after takeoff.
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    Mercury Star Runner looking good.

    I honestly can't wait for ANY Crusader ship. Hands-down, my favorite ship designs.
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    Hi, I'm Starstough and I follow instructions

    Welcome starstough!
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    F-8 in TEST colors is superior!

    chub intensifies...
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    Redeemer 2020

    My original LTI concept sale redeemer is now a prowler. Was not expecting any updates on redeemer for a long time. I always liked this ship, spent alot of time looking at it in a hangar. It's looking even sexier now. I might have some fleet shuffling to think about soon.
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    Mercury Shape Change

    I like both, but this one makes me a bit more happy in the pants.
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    Missile Choices 2

    Lately, I've been enjoying lots of size 2's, used as a distraction mostly, but when I got the target on the ropes they can finish the job. I've been having a lot of fun in the Tana, had it forever but didn't pay attention to it until recently. Little bugger has some teeth...
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    Prowler Launch Trailer

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    Funny COVID memes

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    Meanwhile, in the TEST kitchen... (pie)

    My god, that pie is dynamite! Pure dynamite! I love it!
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    Funny COVID memes

    It'll just sort of stay there, for like, ever... yeah, sorry.
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    What is your current in game red headed stepchild fleet ship?

    I know exactly what you're saying. I was actually a bit miffed I couldn't ccu my hammerhead into a nautilus due to same price. I will be getting one though.
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