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    Cs:go knife to trade for a package

    Welcome to TEST
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    Invictus CCU chain guide by the Inforunners $525 Polaris

    All buyback ccus are not created the same. New and old buybacks don't seem to change price anymore. Newer buybacks don't work for me if the "from" ship becomes more expensive than the "to" ship.
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    Nomad to Carrack Upgrade path Resources?

    This is the way. Warbond Nova Tonk ccu saves you $15 Warbond Ares ccu saves you $20 Warbond Harbinger ccu saves you $20 Warbond C2 ccu saves you $40 Warbond M2 ccu saves you $40 Nomad has $80 upgrade value. With 6 days left you are at $115 in savings from sale.
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    Happy Birthday Glorious Leader

    Happy Birthday @Montoya & @Chromeninja
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    Semi-Daily Mining Ops for 3.12

    Same here, if you need any help
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    Lego new set featuring Discovery and Hubble Space Telescope

    @Black Sunder you have this on pre-order?
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    My original PC built for Star Citizen in 2013 finally died

    My 4670k is still going strong. Hang in there a couple more years little buddy.
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    WTB a BUK

    I don't think even CIG knows exactly what form BUKs will take in the end.
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    Original LTI Ships and Ground Vehicles for TESTies

    Are these for yourself? Because you sell this exact ship on Star Hamgar.
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    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    I can only think of one non-warbond, non new money, and available to be bought with RSI Credit, the old Super Hornet with LTI upgrade. That has to be at least 7 years old. I might be getting ship wrong. Almost impossible to find anymore.
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    Hercules C2, M2, & A2 Price Increase soon - Last chance to buy at low(er) price.

    @vahadar I have no clue how buyback prices work anymore. I have some old buybacks that changed prices after ships increased in prices. I also have some that did not change prices. It looks like all of my newer buybacks are invalid if the from ship becomes more expensive than the to ship.
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    Office Lego Collection

    Damn, nice collection.
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    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    When you reach Praetorian concierge level ($15k spent on RSI website) receive an executive F8 lightning.
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    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    I do well competition is tougher now.
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    Can I sell my buyback pledges?

    All true but people will pay extra money on a good looking website for internet spaceships when the seller has to go through extra hoops to sell. Trying to sell on reddit SC trades is hard with no sales history. Most TESTies try to break-even here.
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