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    Coming from unsuccessful orgs

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    So I want to know what and why about you guys, tell me what is???

    I dislike the Starfarer. I have no clue where I am going and get lost everytime.
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    Has anyone else read these CIG glassdoor reviews?

    In the past, trolls have made these up to make CIG look bad.
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    WTB: Carrack CCU - Completed!!

    Glad to help
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    WTB: Carrack CCU - Completed!!

    Your lucky day @Doc Flanigan you can have my last one. Shoot me a PM and we will go from there.
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    Questions about how to best play CCU game

    1. I think it is a good token because you save $15 ($65 vs $80) 2. Your call, they will always sell warbond ccus in future. I would make sure you have a Carrack to Odyssey upgrade in hangar to lock in price so you can upgrade to it later 3. We don't know what warbond ccu's they will sell in...
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    Post IAE damage assessment survey and survivor trauma recovery peer group

    I only bought a few BIS upgrades and a few Orion upgrades for later uses. I debated downsizing fleet anrmelting my Polaris for an Odyssey but wised up and kept Polaris.
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    Regarding concierge support

    In today's gaming culture one does not give a few freebies to a select few without the masses complaining. I am not on the inside at CIG but adding an extra buyback probably isn't easy. I remember how long buybacks took to implement. This was after we had concierge reservations for limited...
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    Regarding concierge support

    Agree @Sirus7264 plus non-concierge will get butt hurt if they don't get free stuff too
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    Regarding concierge support

    I don't think they have confirmed anything yet. Extra token is on way but probably a pain in the rear to implement. Extra time for sales has been a nice addition. Yeah that thread has no replies but SC is the most open I have ever been a part of.
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    Regarding concierge support

    How have they done you wrong? They have been very helpful to me. Yeah, the enhancements are slow to materialize. We have years before the game will be released. Everything they have added has been good solutions. What else do you want them to add?
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    Why not combine some of the BIS warbond CCU's to get a cheaper BMM Get a warbond Spartan $65 Upgrade to a Warbond RAFT $30 Upgrade to a Warbond Ares $90 Upgrade to a Warbond Redeemer $25 Upgrade to a Warbond C2 BIS $40 Upgrade to a Warbond 600i BIS $45 Upgrade to a BMM $75 Out the door for $370...
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    Optimised LTI CCUed shop, save up to 270$ !

    Upvoted too
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    LF BMM

    While you are on Star Hangar you can buy my BMM upgrades. Oh and welcome to TEST.
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