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    Star Citizen Meme Thread

    ill start
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    (source: @Montoya) people may have been receiving these types of messages, very fishy, very dangerous DONT CLICK ANY LINKS LIKE THIS, EVER, BLOCK AND REPORT IT TO YOUR SERVER MODS AND SEND A REPORT TO DISCORD i mean, it has "blade gang.exe" as the file name, should be a dead giveaway, but it...
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    Crypto decline the last few days heres an update, Its worse
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    Hello, I'm Shadow

    Welcome! glad to have you :)
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    Crypto decline the last few days

    crypto has taken a massive market drop very recently, like the past few days recent, and its major news. things to note: Russia is the biggest player from what I see in this price fall, but overall its due to a few things: 1 . Russia's central bank Proposed a ban on crypto mining, trading...
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    If your running solo...................put that bright yellow test armour on...............

    just be aware, it takes a lot of persuasion to get lefty to be on the forums, i think this'l do it though XD
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    What should a starter ship flight test cover?

    on the topic of starter ships, the optimal starter ship for me would be the cutty black, does the job in almost all beginner scenarios in my mind and also has a decent armament for defense, AND you can have a friend with you on the turret :D
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    Liberator Attack Wing

    a few questions: -have you determined the hangar size of the liberator to fit such ships? -what did CIG say would be the optimal/example loadout of a liberator? the liberator will be very cool when it comes out and useful, no doubt about it, im just curious to see your thoughts on what sort of...
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    So I want to know what and why about you guys, tell me what is???

    Question about the redeemer, how many citizens joined in on the development of it with CIG? it’s a cool ship in my opinion but I’m curious if it was a few people or quite a big group throwing votes out on features?
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    Dealing with Loss (serious/emotional thread)

    i will ask about these with my dad, as they are good points to bring up and be aware of. thank you ❤
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    Dealing with Loss (serious/emotional thread)

    thank each and every one of you for sticking by me, and reminding me what i should do, spend as much time as i can with her. @Jolly_Green_Giant your comment was best said, god bless you and i will do my very best to think good, happy thoughts, as hard as it is. the future rewards endurance.
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    So I want to know what and why about you guys, tell me what is???

    i dislike anything that is not the arrow, vanguard warden, or polaris, i will ride into battle with only one of those ships, or maybe the arrow or warden in my polaris (once i get one)
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    Dealing with Loss (serious/emotional thread)

    First i want to say I'm ok and at peace but vigilant, and I'm not here to make anyone cry or upset, i want to just vent a second, ask a question, and encourage some good reminders to my test family. next i want to remind everyone of this thread...
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    Theory-crafting, the pros, the cons, and why we do it:

    good morning my fellow TESTies, I love where this thread is going and i agree with all the wonderful takes on this subject and the very kind comments as well :) i wanted to follow up on a few things ive heard on this thread and out of this thread: 1. THEORYCRAFTING SHOULD NEVER ALIENATE YOUR...
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    what is yalls opinions on org taxes?

    i like that set of monetary projecting sort-of thinking, as i understand the sentiment, but In my humble opinion it goes against TEST's core values as we arent here for a service or for money, we are here to play games with one another and have fun. its not an investment of time or money to be...
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