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    No Spawn Points in Hangar

    So I started Star Citizen for the first time in a long time (new GPU, finally) and I do not have any of the blue dots in my hangars to spawn any of my ships. Anyone familiar with this prob? The only thing I could find is this FAQ from RSi, which to be honest, is not very comforting...
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    Modded Minecraft Server - moar progression pics

    Join us here.
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    Modded Minecraft Server - moar progression pics

    Hey everyone, it's been a while, but we have been busy building stuff. Last post I told you I would give my base a makeover, but that didn't happen....instead I moved my base somewehere else! But this time I had the ressources to build something fitting. I present to you: THE EYE OF DERP In...
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    Apparently I've been here 6 years now

    congratz. looking forward to my 500 points to buy me some imaginery beer
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    Modded Minecraft Server - Progress Pics

    Heyo, wanted to give you a little tour of our MC Eternal Server. I have seen a few people check in and take a look, but so far I have not discovered other bases, so here is mine. Home sweet Home, as practical of a guy as I am (which means not very creative), it all started with a hole in a...
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    Java Minecraft Server (this time with poll).

    I set up a quick and dirty MC Eternal server. If you wanna check it out you have to Get MC Eternal Version 1.3.51 (best via Twitch Launcher, it is not the latest version, so you need to search for it and under versions pick the correct one) Send me a PM with your Minecraft username (the...
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    Unreal 5 Engine.

    some impresive stuff, some not so impressive. The water looked like shit. No wonder they only showed it for 2 seconds.
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    Java Minecraft Server (this time with poll).

    Problem with 1.15 modpacks is that there are not a lot of mods for 1.15. for tech and magic mods it's basically just Botania and Mekanism
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    Java Minecraft Server (this time with poll).

    EDIT: Test Server is up, details here. There was a bit of confusion in the last MC thread, as Test does have a MInecraft Server, but for the WIndows 10 Bedrock edition (if you are interested in that check in on to the Discord ). This thread is for the modded Java edition. I could open up a 6...
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    MineCraft server (Poll)

    If @diskawrs doesn't want to anymore, I could set up a Minecraft Server with MC Eternal (new kitchen sink pack with quests) with 6 slots. Alternatively Project Ozone 3. Let me know if there is any interest. Edit: Server would be located in EU West btw.
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    MineCraft server (Poll)

    Hey, I would be up for a modded Minecraft Server. Not sure about RLcraft, but I would give it a try.
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    Satisfactory Update 3

    Such a great game and following the developers is so much fun. Their video updates and twitter are really funny. Most of the time at least.
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    Does anyone here play Space Engineers? Or is interested in playing?

    I tried to get into it a few years ago, but was pretty lost after a while. I guess it changed a lot since then?
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    Drake Kraken Privateer

    Holy shit, that is my kind of ship. By name and function.
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    Destiny 2 free to play (join us)

    Is the clan all NA or are there some EU plebs too?
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