1. Dirtbag_Leader

    Tired of always remapping joysticks in SC!

    Please contribute to my bug report; I'm SO tired of dealing with this!
  2. DarthMunkee

    HOTAS Profiles

    So I'm the proud new owner of a Thrustmaster T16000m FCS with the TWCS throttle. I looked for one with more letters and numbers but this was the most I could find so I went with it. I've learned two things so far: 1. Even using software to generate XML files is kind of a pain in the ass, and...
  3. Zefron

    HOTAS Noob Help

    Hello I've been following Star Citizen since the 5 million stretch goal, and have played the new updates from here to there but never really getting in to the game seriously because of school. However now I have more time I wanted to dive into the game and so I have acquired a x56 rhino for free...
  4. IronEagle

    Thrustmaster Hotas Warthog Set Up help in 2.4

    Hello Testers, I have an Hotas Warthog which i used to fly in DCS A10C. In Star Citizens i tried to set it up but failed due the poor configuration Menu or i am maybe just too impatient or dumb. Resulting flying with Keyboard and Mouse. Maybe someone already have a Configuration File for it to...
  5. Riddick

    Have Montoya review Star Citizen HOTAS Both

    I was wondering if we should fund raise money, so Montoya can buy both Star Citizen HOTAS and review them. Then we can have a TEST give away, and all those who donated for the review are entered to win one of them. There could be two winners, and both get badgers with each or something.
  6. Alexeyevich

    Controller for SC

    Hey Testies, I want to buy new controller just for SC, I'm currently looking at the HOTAS X. Did anyone here have any good/bad experiences with it? Also can you recommend a better controller or is the hotas good? Price range is $100-$150.
  7. JaqHass

    Build a custom keypads?

    Asked this question in discord already. But the more thorough the better. I might make a custom HOTAS but will start with how to work a simple keypad to see where it leads. THE QUESTION IS does anybody know of a legit open source controller emulator that fits my purpose?
  8. JaqHass

    Surface device as a switch panel?

    I'm planning to join the hotas club some time in the future. As i understand there can never be enough buttons for a hotas user. So if anybody know of any app that could help at all it would be great! I'm sure i'm not the only one who would appreciate it.
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