Aces Combat Flight Training on 22. Saturday UTC 1700

Feb 8, 2018
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Aces Combat Flight Training on Saturday 22.9 UTC 1700

Preflight Prep

We work on finding the best weapon loadout to suit your playstyle. Try APAR Mass Drivers to start and then we determine by watching you play if your more suited for closer range with Pyros/Predators or should you opt in for neutron cannons/omnis.
1. Preflight prep starts 30 minutes before the combat sessions. We will try to finish in 15 minutes setting up the keybindings. We help you configure basic stuff like boost, afterburner, match speed, esp toggle, gimbal lock, analog strafing and decoupled mode controls. Change your pips to lead and turn esp on.
2. If you plan on joining late then there are opportunities to join between matches and during breaks.
3. A Raven is the new meta for any fighter squad now! If we can have one EMP ship on both teams that would be ideal. As a basic rule in combat target the EMP ship first or your team will lose.
4. The Eclipse can take the place of a EMP ship if the team desires it. EMP can disable torps keep it in mind.
5. We rotate the wing commander position for each engagement so everyone gets the opportunity to be in charge of a fighter wing.
*preflight prep starts 1700 UTC

Space Combat Flight School 'Top Gun' 4v4 squadron battles in AC
30 minutes preflight prep
80 minutes 4 squadron battles
*Can also be hosted as a multi org training against a team / pilots from other orgs

Sign up trough the Google Form
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