Another one of those "You have 3 ships thread"

Black Sunder

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Jun 19, 2014
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Its time for another one of 'those' threads to start the year off with. If you had to choose 3 ships(Currently Flyable or in Concept) as your fleet what do you pick? Here's the twist:

Ship 1 - Must be a Fighter of some kind
Ship 2 - Your 'daily driver' all rounder
Ship 3 - Must be a 'profession' ship. It could even be another fighter or capital

Sunder's 3:

1. Ares Ion
2. Mercury Star Runner(you knew this was on the list)
3. Mole


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May 20, 2014
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fighter: my Supah Hornet - because Supah Hornet

daily driver: my Freelancer MIS - speedy, tanky mission runner

'profession' ship: Hull C - there's profit in volume

lately I've been thinking that owning my own fleet of ships may be overrated

with a large percentage of the 18,000+ TESTes owning multiple ships there's going to be the ship I need available to rent where I need it

there will be costs to keeping the ships you're not flying so renting will make sense for both parties in a transaction

so all I will need is a fast way to get where I want to operate

if I settle on one preferred 'profession' for earning Credits it will make sense to acquire a ship kitted out with specialized gear for efficiency - minmaxing rules

Han Burgundy

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Jan 15, 2016
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1: (Fighter) Redeemer
2: (Daily Driver) Constellation Andromeda
3:($$) Banu Merchantman

I actually own this lineup and now I am poor. 10/10: Would poor again. Food, after all, is for complainers who refuse to just man up and photosynthesize.


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Jan 5, 2016
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Ship 1 - Must be a Fighter of some kind
Ship 2 - Your 'daily driver' all rounder
Ship 3 - Must be a 'profession' ship. It could even be another fighter or capital

1. Vanguard Sentinel.
Handy in a scrap, can slap larger targets about and tanks enough to be able to get away from things that may present a danger to it such as those pesky Arrows... Also e-war, also data carrying potential. Also, long range. What's the point if having 100 systems to explore if you are in a single seater designed to be moved around on a carrier ship?

2. Freelancer.
My previous daily driver was the 350R but it got less fun to fly and the 'Verse expanded to the point a single seater just isn't going to be able to offer enough options when going out and about - you never know when you'll need to chuck a hover bike in the back or pick up a stranded pilot or two which I can do with the FL and can't with the 350R. I also had a Taurus with an Andromida loaner and although the Connie is a fine ship with the options of fulling the cargo hold with vehicles, boxes and people, it's not the most fun to throw about and is susceptible to small fighters like the pesky Arrow without turret crews whereas the Freelancer has half a hope of being able to save its own ass. Also, long range.

3. Starfarer.
The 'Verse moves and fuel is always going to be in demand. When not collecting and selling to R&R's I'll be able to jet off to unfortunates in need of a top-up of Motion Milk. Also, long range.


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Mar 10, 2016
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Fighter: the most expensive one so I can CCU it to something useful
Daily: Cutlass Black (cheap option, what I would buy if I started again) but Carrack out of current fleet.
Prof: Reclaimer (I know mining is in and I have mining ships but that makes the professions not in potentially amazing by comparison just using my imagination).


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Jun 19, 2016
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Fighter: Unsure of a single pick here due to situation. I think the San'Tok.Yāi will be fun for dog fighting. But probably a Vanguard Warden or Ares ION.
Daily Runner: Mercury Star Runner (just love this ship).
Prof: Carrack for it flexibility.


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Feb 19, 2018
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It's funny, because I already have 3 ships, at least on paper /see below/, and I'm not going to have more of them once the game is released:

1. Vanguard Warden *
2. Starfarer Gemini **
3. Polaris

All UEE ships. Medium to heavy. One fighter, one support, one corvette.
Plus a Ballista and Ranger. The plan is to carry most of my stuff with Polaris *

* Assuming Warden fits in the Polaris; there is no more than 5% chance Polaris hangar size is going to be increased though -- if it's not, I would probably replace Warden with Sabre which should fit it.

** Assuming Gemini is not going to be reworked and Hercules M2 would not be better. I already have both Gemini and M2, however M2 is on my upgrade path to Polaris -- I have an M2, M2 -> A2 CCU, A2 -> HH CCU and HH -> Polaris CCU/. If M2 would not be better than Gemini, I would not need to do anything except for applying CCUs I already have, upgrading M2 to Polaris. If M2 would be super cool, I would keep it, sell M2 -> A2 CCU, upgrade Gemini to HH and apply HH -> Polaris CCU. If A2 would be a keeper, I would apply my M2 -> A2 CCU, melt or sell A2 -> HH CCU and upgrade Gemini to HH and then apply HH -> Polaris CCU. Oof...
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Devil Dog Hog

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Jan 28, 2016
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1 - Arrow (cause its small, nimble, and can still shoot with its wings blown off)
2 - Cutlass (haul, fight, drug run, dropship, basically the jack of all trades with a toilet soon to come)
3 - Endeavour (big, modular, and opportunities to make it what ever i want with a detachable head)
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