Because I was Inverted..


May 27, 2019
RSI Handle
Whatsup everyone! Some of you already know me in Disc as Iron (IronSin). I love playing video games and enjoying communities while playing video games. I'm pretty good at some, mostly good at most but there's a few out there I couldn't play better than a fingerless man playing Tetris on a Gameboy.

I do love any games that requires flying in it. My first pilot game was descent when it came out in 95. I had this computer lab at school that was all linked via LAN and I used to play with some friends after school in deathmatches. I'm excited to do a few things in SC when it becomes more evolved like Medical Rescue/support play, Fighter Pilot play, Solo explore *cough...Smuggling..cough, and basically anything that requires big groups/fleets. I played Eve for a bit and loved the atmosphere and teamwork/community and thought how great it was to now have a game in development that is everything I wanted Eve to be and more. I remember thinking if I was going to play this game I'd want to start with a big group with some sense of organization/team play. I'm not too thrilled with the new flight model (3.5) which I'm sure some feel the same way, but never the less, a fan overall. See you "in the saddle".

P.s. I did appreciate the Star Trek reboot so I would say New Kirk.


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